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Bulk SMS service is widely used for sending OTP SMS, Bank Transaction Alerts, Passwords Change Alerts and Service Renewal Reminders. Transactional SMS Service is used to send automated message via SMS Platform or SMS API of HTTP or XML type. Promotional SMS Service is used majorly by : Real Estate, Insurance Agency, Tours & Travel Industry, Event Management Companies .

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Understand how different sectors use SMS Service to enhance there business connectivity with their end-customers.

Advertising Marketing
Automobile Industries
Banking Financial
Education Industry
Event Management
Government Public Uutilities
NGOs Community Groups
Restaurants Takeaways
Real Estate

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No need to worry about account validity of plan. We provide Flexible Time Validity Plans

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SMS campaign are broadcasted via automated system and our portal is very easy to use with API and Short URL Features inbuilt

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Your data is secured & encrypted you can be 100% assured about quality of service and support by WebXion Team

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  • How to become Bulk Reseller SMS ?

    WebXion was established in 2009. And till date we have more than +1500 customers who are availing our services. You can join WebXion White Label SMS Reseller program to become Bulk SMS Reseller. To know more connect at +918657215533 .

  • How is Billing process works in Reseller SMS Account ?

    We bill you as reseller in prepaid and you will get complete transaction log of usage in your sms reseller panel. However, you are free to decide how you want to bill your end customers. To charge your end customer in prepaid or post-paid is your internal choice.

  • What is DLT Registration Process in Bulk SMS Service ?

    Every organization/individual has to do DLT Registration Process as per guidelines of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India [TRAI]. And post successful completion of DLT Process only you will get login to upload SMS template message for approval. After your SMS Template gets approved. You can use approved Sender ID and SMS Template to send Promotional SMS or Transactional SMS Messages. To know more: Click Here!

  • How to do URL Trackingin SMS Service ?

    Yes, its possible to do URL tracking in SMS Service via our SMS Panel. You get option to create dynamic Short URL and anyone who click on that url link in mobile device. His/her mobile number will be automatically captured in the panel. And you can download the same in report.

  • Who is Bulk SMS Service Provider?

    A Bulk SMS Service Provider is a company that has direct connectivity with Telecom Operators and has its own Web Based SMS Panel and registered Telemarketer License to sell Bulk SMS Service. They have there own team to that assist customers during DLT Registration Process. And are SMS Gateway Providers. Many times they are Bulk Sms Reseller who also provide web panel and api to other sms resellers. WebXion is official Bulk SMS Service Provider in India since 2009.

  • Is OTP SMS different from regular SMS ?

    OTP SMS is widely used to verify user account. During any online authentication process, OTP is receive its send via OTP Bulk SMS Service. And key different between OTP SMS vs Transactional SMS is, in OTP SMS its super high speed instant delivery as in many cases OTP SMS verification is time lock to 30 seconds and post that even if OTP SMS is received it is invalid. Hence high speed instant delivery is mission critical on OTP Bulk SMS Service. And to get commercial details you may fill our contact us form or connect our sales team directly on our Official WhatsApp Number.

  • What is Explicit SMS Service and Implicit SMS Service ?

    In SMS Service Implicit SMS will be delivered to all recipients, irrespective of their consent preference from end users. Explicit SMS means the sms will be delivered to customers who have provided explicit consent to receive SMS from your business.
    Implicit SMS Service : If any sms message generated due to end-user actions or his existing relationship with the entity that is not promotional will be considered as Implicit SMS.

    Explicit SMS Service
    : Explicit SMS refer to the SMS that are send by company / business after consent is received by you to send these messages. These will be sent to person only after a thorough verification process, checking that you have in fact approved such messages to be sent to you.

  • What is Transactional SMS Services ?

    Transactional SMS Service is widely used for OTP SMS, Notification SMS, Alert SMS activity and SMS are majorly send using Implicit SMS Service under transactional sms route.

  • How can i use SIM Based SMS Service ?

    If you are facing issue in getting DLT Process ccompleted as you don't have address proof or your sms template is not getting approved by DLT. Then in that case you might use SIM Based SMS Service.

  • How to choose good SMPP Gateway ?

    If you are looking for good SMPP Gateway provider. Then you should contact WebXion as they provide most high speed smpp gateway at most affordable rates.

  • How to send Promotional SMS on both DND and NoN-DND numbers ?

    Yes its possible to send promotional sms to both dnd and non-dnd numbers. Firstly you can try to get sms template approved in explicit sms type that way you can send sms to all types of numbers. Second way is via SIM Based Service in that case you don't need to get template approved and sms will be send via random sim numbers configured in system and message will be delivered to both dnd and non-dnd numbers.

  • What is SMS Sender ID and SMS Template Approval Process in DLT?

    WebXion Support team take care of your onboarding and registration process for DLT, SMS Sender ID approval and SMS Template messages approval too. So post purchase of service connect with our support team to get Sender ID and Template approved.

  • Why i am not getting response in SMS Campaign ?

    If you are not getting response in sms campaign you should use Short URL feature of WebXion SMS Panel. That way you can automatically track how many sms receivers had visited your weblink in your sms.

  • How do I verify if there is No Cutting in SMS Panel ?

    If any sms service provider is selling sms plans at very low rate then don't buy they will be giving fake sms delivery reports. Always buys sms from reputed SMS Service provider company like WebXion. They have clear Delivery based sms plans means no cutting in sms.

  • Which is Best SMS Service Provider ?

    There are many SMS Service provider, however if you are looking for company that offers highest SMS delivery and most affordable SMS Rates then you should contact WebXion.

  • How is Top SMS Service Provider in India ?

    There are many SMS Service provider, however if you are top sms company that offers highest SMS delivery and lowest SMS Rates then WebXion is listed as most reputed sms aggregator in India.

  • How to configure SMS API in my application ?

    If you are using HTTP or XML API then you can very easily configure SMS API in your online application. Also, user guide and technical team assistance is provided by WebXion support team.

  • How to choose right SMS Gateway Provider?

    If you searching for Sms Gateway Provider and planning to add new SMS Gateway in your SMPP Application its very critical that you verify few points with the vendor. As along with lowest sms cost of message you also need to ensure that SMS Gateway is stable and provides high-speed sms delivery.

  • How to become Bulk SMS Reseller?

    To become Bulk SMS Reseller is very simple process. You need to buy only 1 Lac SMS credits and we will provide you ready to use Reseller SMS Panel. Using that you can create unlimited Users and Sub-Reseller. And start your SMS Reselling business.

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